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Bad transaction with Shagel

I have just had one of the most frustrating and negative transactions I've ever encountered in my experience in the BJD hobby -- while I've encountered a few unfortunate situations before, this came at a really bad time for me, emotionally and energy-wise, and I am FURIOUS.

A___ Rakitskaya, AKA "Shagel" on Den of Angels ("Shagel" on dA, and "Anna.Shagel" on Flickr), just put me through a considerable amount of trouble during a transaction where she bombarded me with PMs, had me go to my Post Office and wait in line in person to get a shipping quote, disappeared with no warning after asking me to hold the head, and then, a week later, unapologetically told me that she'd bought the same head from someone else, before she had bothered getting in touch with me again.

I just left her the following feedback on DoA:

* * *

I regret that I am forced to leave flaky-buyer feedback for Shagel, since we were unable to resolve this situation amicably.

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* * *

Many of you know me -- it takes a lot to piss me off. But I spent too much time and effort dealing with this woman, only to have her breezily inform me that she had no intention of keeping her commitment to purchase this head.

I deeply suspect that she was talking behind the scenes to two potential sellers of the same item, and used my work as a way to get the other person to bring their price down. GRRRRR.

So -- if anyone happens to be on the lookout for a Johnny Depp MiniMee head with a Jay Searle face-up, it's available again :/

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Private messaged Psi on 11-29-2011 09:02 AM wanting to trade one of my dolls for two of the tinies she had for sale. She traded back a couple of PM and then she messaged me that she wanted to trade (11-29-2011 01:44 PM).

About two hours later, she said that something had come up and that she could not do the trade. But she might be putting them up again in January (11-29-2011 03:04 PM ).

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Failed Deal with Asashi- Resolved

I hope I am posting this to the correct community ^^;

I (Hina Ichigo) contacted Asashi on dolly market on or around the 12th of October about a Paja wig she had just put up for sale, I had been looking for a Paja wig for a long time so I was pretty excited about it. While I am online quite a bit, I understand others aren't always online so when she took a few days to respond to my initial inquiry about the wig and to tell me her paypal address, I thought everything was still going smoothly. I sent payment immediately after receiving the pm with her paypal address on the 15th.

I have had a lot going in my personal life lately so I had kind of forgotten about the wig until I happened to see Asashi posting again on dolly market around the 14th of November and I realized that the wig still had not arrived yet and that it had been almost a month at that point. I sent her pm asking if she sent the wig yet as it had not arrived, she responded apologetically that she had not shipped the wig yet but that she would try and ship it out the next day. It has now been around two weeks since then, I sent her another pm over this past weekend and she has yet to respond. At this point it is too late for a paypal dispute, I don't think she did this maliciously hence why I am not posting this to bad_dolly_deals but at the end of the day it has been over a month and half since I paid and I still don't have what I paid for. I didn't really care about the money so much in the first place, I really just wanted the Paja wig ^^;

edit: I received a pm from Asashi over the weekend letting me know the wig had actually shipped and it arrived today 12/7. I got the wig, even if it wasn't in a timely fashion I am still happy.
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My experience w/ Radiant on DollyMarket

EDIT 10/30 - I received both my wigs today! They were indeed post marked the 27th, but they're here now and on my dolls so all is well. A big thank you to everyone who helped me out!

On July 30th I joined a LeekeWorld group order on Dolly Market, started by the user Radiant.(link: http://forums.dollymarket.net/showthread.php?tid=7229347&page=1) On July 31, the order was closed and PMs were sent out to everyone that joined asking them to pay. The order was placed on August 4.

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She had our LeekeWorld packages since September 23. It is now October 29th, and I still have not received the 2 wigs I ordered more than 2 months ago. It really pains me to post something like this, because I understand things come up and dolly stuff needs to be pushed back. However, I feel that this is an inexcusable wait and I really just want my wigs so this can be done and over with.
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My Expirence With aliceinloliland

I purchased Ala's white boots from aliceinloliland and while the items themselves were in the condition they were pictured as and thus expected - it was certainly a far more complicated process than it should have been. Many things raised red flags along the way for me, and I would not do business with her again. I strongly advise people to exercise caution if you choose to deal with her.
This is what happened:

- The items were listed in an LJ post (http://community.livejournal.com/pullips/2417982.html) on Oct 14th 2009, they were pictured with the caption "Ala Boots, $8" and no other description. I responded that I was interested in the item, and gave my zip code for a shipping quote. The seller very quickly responded with the amount she was charging for shipping and handling, with her paypal address. I paid promptly, literally within 7 mins of my initial inquiry, and asked to be notified when they shipped.

- I noticed that she right away simply deleted the picture and listing of the boots from her post, most sellers mark things as "sold" but it was gone completely. I have to say, this unnerved me a little...
I have a screen-cap of the listing before it was deleted: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/dark_skada/private/aliceinloliland/Picture1-1.png

- I received NO other communication from the seller until I became concerned 10 days later, so I wrote her on Oct 24th. My concern was raised when I realized that both myself and the seller lived in the US, and I had paid for FIVE other packages since paying for hers and received all FIVE other packages from other sellers in the US.

- I had received from Paypal a notification that the item had been "shipped" with a "tracking number" but it informed me that because the seller prints it from the internet at home, the notice was not a verification that it had been shipped just that the USPS was expecting it. But I am aware that the USPS website takes FOREVER to update tracking information.

- I did get a response to my inquiry on Oct 24th, claiming that she had "mailed it out a while ago" and she was "surprised it has not come by now." And then even asked me "Are you sure it hasn't come?" Yes, I was positive it had not arrived yet, and the tracking number was still giving me the same notice about not being able to guarantee the package had actually been mailed yet. :/

- Three days later on Oct 27th the package actually arrived. It was very very poorly packaged, the shoes simply in a plain white envelope, the type you might mail a greeting card in with plain postage. No addition padding, not even the inclusion of a note. The date stamped on the postage was "Oct 21, 09" and nothing to indicate tracking on the package at all. When I went back to try and solve the mystery of the tracking number, I realized she had given me the tracking number of someone else (I live in Texas, the package the tracking number belonged to ended up in Ohio). I also realized the name of the return address on the envelope (Jamie S.) and the name on the paypal account (Lauri D.) were different.

Screen Caps From Paypal About the Tracking:

Had she been in communication with me and was honest about being late on mailing it, things would not have bothered me as much. I was not comfortable in dealing with her throughout this whole transaction, and I would personally try to avoid dealing with her again.
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failed deal with boutiquedoll.com

12/28 - ETA:
On the 8th, after nearly two months without a reply, I left one last message on their board, venting my dissatisfaction regarding the issue and the way it was handled.
I was then immediately contacted by the shop's manager who apologized and offered to contact the original designer (again?) for a replacement.

Since I had clearly stated that I considered the issue over I just ignored her email. To her credit, today I received a "click'n'ship" message from USPS regarding a parcel from an unknown sender, which probably comes from boutiquedoll.

Either way, the issue is solved. It's a little sad to see that the only way to force a reply/solution is to raise the tone and 'threaten' to spread the bad word on the community. :/


10/27 - ETA:
I checked their site and found a reply (apparently, the only person who speaks english was sick or so they say...); they told me they contacted the designer of the outfit asking for a new one to be made (since they all sold out?).

I do appreciate their wish to solve the situation but I admit I'm not really trustful at this point.


Long story short: I placed an order for two outfits (tiny dolls) on the 12th of July, and received the goods on the 12th of August; at that time I discovered that one outfit had been wrongly/poorly described, so the shoes (that were clearly advertised in the photos) were missing, and the other was not the one I had asked for (there were multiple versions of the same outfit on sale, and I had clearly stated the version I wanted in my order).

I contacted their customer service and they were very apologetic and promised to send me a replacement for the second outfit free of charge. The first one had no shoes to begin with... the photos were misleading and the description didn't say anything about their lack, but they didn't offer a replacement/refund for that. Whatever.

After a month (mid September) I received the replacement and again, it was not what I originally asked for. I contacted them again and, after a little while, they apologised and promised me to send me the *right one* as soon as possible. They told me to keep the wrong outfit as gift.

Now it's almost November and I'm still waiting for the right outfit to arrive. I left a couple other messages on their board but it seems they're just trying to avoid the hassle.
Of course I have two outfits I could put on sale to 'fund' the purchase of the right one somewere else (if it's still on sale, that is), but I don't think this is the way things should work. :/

Failed Deal

I really hesitated to bring this up in public like this but after thinking it over I believe other people who buy/sell in the Pullip community need to know about this before they attempt to do business with snarecrazi.

Long story short: I wanted to buy Eternia's stock and saw it for sale in the pullips community by snarecrazi. I made an offer of $35. She said she wanted to think about it and see if she got any other offers. I was fine with that. The next day she came back and offered to sell it to me for the $35 if she could keep the shoes and socks. I agreed, asked for her pay pal address, and she gave it to me.

Done deal. Right? Well...I guess not.

Before I could send my payment she edited her post with the pay pal address and said she had another offer and would get back to me...again. Needless to say, I was confused. I thought we had finalized a deal and now she was taking it back. When I asked why she said another person had expressed interest in the stock before me and it was "only fair" that she wait to hear from them first. That is fair...even though she never mentioned another buyer to me up to this point. But if we are going to talk about what's "fair" then I didn't feel like I was treated all that fairly when I thought we had reached an agreement and was about to send her money. When I voiced my concerns to her they were pretty much ignored because of this other buyer, that's all that mattered to her. I really don't think she understands how unprofessional her actions were, or she just doesn't care. Trying to explain why I was upset got me no where (all I got were excuses and justifications), I canceled my offer completely and walked away. From what I can gather she still doesn't think she did anything wrong.

I would link the entire conversation we had in her sales thread so you can judge for yourself how this went down...but all of the related posts have been mysteriously deleted, so I have nothing now but my word that these events took place as I am describing. :O

I didn't lose any money and aside from some frustration, irritation, and annoyance there was no harm done. But I caution others to think twice before entering into negotiations with this seller because she is confusing to deal with, very indecisive, and not especially professional.
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Here is a failed deal that I hope isn't turning into a BDD.

On April 7 I purchased a sugarmag out fit and a pair of converse (takara) sneakers from ebay user blytheplus. I paid the same day via paypal. The auction total with shipping was 29.98. About two weeks later I received my package but I did not open it until approx, 4/25, and I could tell without opening the inner bubble wrap that she sent me the wrong thing. I contacted the seller through ebay and said I got someone else's stuff and she asked me to open it and take a picture. A couple of messages went back and forth as she could not see the picture or open the link etc. Finally on 4/28 she saw the picture and agreed that it wasn't what I had ordered, she no longer had my order but she requested that I send the item back to her, registered mail and that she would refund me. I replied that I would send it back and asked that she check to see if she had any more of the outfit I had ordered and I had to send the picture from her auction because for some reason she could not just look up the auctions herself. I shipped the package back on about 4/31 or 5/1 and it cost 15.40 to ship. I emailed blytheplus with the tracking number, the cost, and also requested a refund for the auction as well since she had replied that she had no more of the outfit.

I sent emails on 5/2 and 5/4 with the shipping total to be refunded but I did not hear back from her until she received the package 5/13 at which point she emailed and confirmed that she had it ans asked again how much she owed me for shipping. I have to say by this point I was pretty annoyed since I had paid out of pocket to ship back her mistake, had no items of my own nor a refund for them, and the postage I know was printed on the package PLUS I had already sent her the total with the tracking number 11 days earlier. I emailed back asking for the shipping plus the total cost of my auction (15.40 + 29.98 = 45.38). She emailed back *two days later* now asking for my paypal email address. Sigh. I sent back, telling her where to send the money on the 17th of May and then I heard nothing until May 23 when I sent another email asking where my refund is. She emailed me back yesterday to say she refunded me "via the paypal account you paid with". I have only one paypal account, and there has been no refund as of today, 5/24.

I will open a Paypal claim but even if I get my 29.98 back I still will be out the shipping for sending back HER mistake. I am very annoyed. If I don't get my refund I will post this over at BDD.

edit: I was refunded after two inquiring emails (sent 5/23 and 5/25) on 5/26 - since the seller just sent me the 45.38 (it wasn't an official refund) I had to pay the paypal fee so after this failed deal I am down a couple of bucks, a padded envelope and a trip to the post office.

Bait and Switch from prettylittleme_1 on tib

prettylittleme_1 on tib posted a few dolls for sale, including a StarD for 60 English Pounds - I thought that was a good price, so I messaged her to tell her I was interested and ask how much shipping would be to the US. She told me it would be 16 Pounds and I thought that was fair. I messaged her to confirm that the total would be 76 Pounds and ask her for her paypal address. The message I received back, almost immediately was:

"Hiiii Amy, Im sorry but ive had to revise the price as ive had a peek on ebay and they cost 200 and apparantly according to my friend lola im selling her for way under price. Sooooooooo, im thinking 100 english pounds plus postage. Sorry for messing you around. Sooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Hugs caraline xoxo"

Honestly, that's ridiculous and it seems really underhanded. If you want to sell a doll, you need to "peek at eBay" or talk to Lola AHEAD OF TIME to figure out a price, not after someone has agreed to your asking price.

2 failed comissions deals

i have had 2 experiences where people told me they were going to send me their dolls, only to never receive them, nor ever get notified that they changed their minds. i was very hesitant to post here, but i felt i should atleast notify people or get some advice?

elly74 of flickr:  we were going to do a trade, some simple shirts and such for me to customize her doll. she told me she would send the doll as soon as she made the clothes. that was during the summer.
a few months pass..i was a bit annoyed, but things happen, maybe she just forgot to send me a message. so i just sent her a FM just asking what happened, and if she is or isn't going to send the doll. no reply. a couple days ago i checked her flickr and saw that she was actively posting pictures. :/

willowrowan of flickr: she first sent me a message titled "despritely seeking customizer", stating she had 20 dolls she wanted to be customized. i was a bit surprised and amused, and said i can take on as many as she wanted me to. she decided she would send them 1 or 2 at a time and i agreed. a couple days later she notified me that she was encountering money problems, but said she would ship the doll out "this weekend". so i waited. and waited. nothing. 

is it so hard to send a little message stating something like "i'm so sorry, things came up and i wont be able to send out the doll :( ", instead of just leaving me hanging?